Potentialentfaltung für Organisationen und Individuen

Coaching Training

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Individual training and consulting
in terms of group exercise in Vienna

Trainings make it possible to unfold individual potentials while performing group exercises. The powerful training and the consulting of WishWell in Vienna concentrates on strengthening personal competences and with that on your natural fundamentals. Methods and know-how will work together to let the human grow with his challenges and to increase his field of activity.

With expertise and experience stella* guides her groups on their way to a better self-management and competences in all circumstances. Having completed over 4000 hours of individual and group context she was able to discover how humans and organizations reached beyond their limits to establish future demands today.

Explore with your own mind in which positive effects a professional coaching and consulting results!

Group training and open training in Vienna

Not only for yourself and your own personality the effective training of your method-expert from Vienna can be formed and optimized. Also your employees, who have gone through the wide range of coaching as well as consulting and supporting measures, are bringing advantages to your company by being more self-confident and striving for higher achievements.

Your academy for personal and operational coaching in Vienna differs between team training within organization development and an open training with different emphases. Feel free to contact us online or by phone. Together we will decide, which kind of training perfectly fits your needs.

I am looking forward to answering your question and to a proactive training with you!